“Having Hughesnet for years living out here made me think there was nothing available. Brian came out and found a spot behind our shed to get signal and now we have better internet than we’ve ever had!”

John, from Brookville, Indiana


“We had the internet installed because our neighbor recommended you.  We have had Frontier DSL for years, but the service was terrible in our area we were at the end of the line we were getting dial-up speeds instead of the advertised speed!”

Elaine, from Jackson, Michigan


“Where we are at Frontier has been telling us for last 2 years they were going to bring lines where we live.  I saw the sign on a pole by my house and I called the number and got internet, I couldn’t believe it was that easy after 2 years of waiting for Frontier.”

Drew, from Seaman, Ohio


“”We can use the internet all month we don’t run out of data and don’t pay any extra , its way better deal than my hotspot was because I had to pay extra every month for more data.”

Margie, from Circleville, Ohio


“”A guy from my neighborhood made some internet and that’s what we had for the last couple years.., I was skeptical at first when we called because we thought there was nothing else….we are happy we made the move its been working great, my kid can even use her kindle!”.”

Phillip, from Adrian, Michigan


“”The netflix works good, I can watch it on my iPad which I couldn’t do before”.”

Derrick, from Corbin, KY


“I couldn’t use youtube when we had the Windstream through the phone line, I thought satellite was bad, but this is working really good “.”

Mark, from Johnson City, TN


“they were able to get me a new home phone, there was no one else available and I got my same phone number switched.”

Peggy, from Cadillac, MI


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